Akron-Canton Airport Aviation Park

Why an Aviation Park?

Fred J. Krum Aviation Park at the Akron-Canton Airport

It is important that we remember and honor those individuals who played an important role in the development of the Akron-Canton Airport. They exercised sound judgment and leadership. As individuals, they stand as shining examples of our American way of life. The people of the Greater Akron-Canton area have all benefited from their foresight.

A Quiet Oasis

The Akron-Canton Airport Aviation Park is a a quiet oasis amid the hustle and bustle of the busy airport. It is located on the north side of the entranceway near the McKinley Air terminal. The Aviation Park consists of an octagonal walkway surrounding a pedestal mounted full-scale replica of the Wright Brother's first airplane. Each segment of the octagonal walkway contains inscription bricks engraved with the donor's name. A marble wall displays the individuals who helped found the Akron-Canton Airport and those individuals who promoted the growth of the Akron-Canton Airport and the aviation community.

The replica of the Wright Flyer gives a perspective on the progress that has been made in aviation since that first flight almost 100 years ago.

The Akron-Canton Aviation Park was dedicated December 17, 2003 and commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brother's first flight and the dawning of the age of aviation.

You Can Become a Part of History

By purchasing an inscription brick you can help make the Akron-Canton Aviation Park a reality. Only 2,880 inscription bricks will be sold, so your tax-deductible donation will help build this beautiful park for all to enjoy for generations to come.